10 Pairs of Comfort Shoes that Every Girl Should Own

Some may be stylish, while other may just be *comfortable*, but every girl should own these shoes!

10. Birks [Birkenstocks] ($50.00+)

They last forever and the comfort factor is 10/10.

Buy them here.

9. Converse Chucks and/or High Tops ($55.00+)

Seriously, these are great. Load up on several colors and styles!

Buy them here.

8. Toms ($50.00+)

Cute, comfy, and so many to choose from!!!

Buy them here.

7. Bean Boots [L.L. Bean] ($100.00+)

These are so great for cold/wet weather, plus they’re really versatile!

Buy them here.

6. New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz ($80.00)

These are THE most comfortable (and cute) tennis shoes!

Buy them here.

5. Hunter Boots ($150.00+)

These rain boots are everything!

Buy them here.

4. Sanuk Yoga Slings ($38.00+)

These definitely fall into the cute & comfy categories!

Buy them here.

3. Nike Slides ($25.00+)

These don’t break the bank, and the comfort level is A1.

Buy them here.

2. Tieks ($200.00+)

Just trust me, here. Tieks are great.

Buy them here.

1. Chacos ($100.00+)

Chacos, though kinda ugly, are 1,000% worth the price in comfort.

Buy them here.


If you have shows that you feel should’ve been on this list, leave a comment to let me know!!


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