AB Choreography


In addition to everything on the about me page  I am also color guard choreographer located in the Midwest- Missouri, specifically.  I do freelance choreography, freelance tech, freelance show design, staff choreography and design, and staff tech. If you are located somewhat nearby I also do assistant instructing or instructing.

I did color guard all 4 years of high school- fall and some winter guard. I also marched 3 years with the PrideGUARD at the University of Southern Mississippi.

I have choreographed for performers of all ages:

  • Dance and Swing flag for kids aged 5 years old to 10 years old.
  • Middle School- Winter Guard
  • High School- Marching Band Color Guard
  • Collegiate- Solo Performances

I also choreograph on a variety of different equipment- and will always learn/create more:

  • Flag
  • Rifle
  • Sabre
  • Swing Flag
    • single and double
  • Basic Dance
  • Action Ribbon
  • etc.

I offer various show design elements in addition to choreography:

  • Music choice and/or counsel
  • Equipment choice and/or counsel
  • Winter guard floor sets with charts
  • Featured groups design and/or counsel
    • Solos
    • Duets
    • Groups
    • A/B Work
    • Ripples
    • Advanced lines
    • Basic lines
    • Dance features
    • Flag features
    • Weapon features
  • Uniform/ Hair/ Makeup counsel
  • Flag design counsel
  • Advanced effects design and/or counsel
  • Prop design and/or counsel
  • Tarp/Set design and/or counsel


I loved performance- and I want to help others love performance in guard as much as I do. As I matured in my performance, it became quite clear that though performing is amazing, choreographing, designing, and teaching color guard is my passion.


My rates vary based on many factors. Please contact me via the contact page for more information!