About Me

Welcome! My name is Amber Britain and I want to personally welcome you to Basically, Britain- my personal, lifestyle, fashion, ANYTHING GOES blog. The early goal of this blog was to slowly build an aesthetic- however, my aesthetic grew to be a culmination of a lot of things- opinions, style, young adult life, Disney- etc. I’ve embraced the ANYTHING GOES mentality for B,B. The long term goal is to portray the life of a twenty-something girl (hey, that’s me!) everything that comes with being that. That’s really broad, I know. Twenty-something girls are unique creatures in themselves, and I certainly fit that bill. So a little bit about me; I am 23 years old. I work full time in Aquatics, soon to be continuing towards finishing up a bachelors degree in Recreation Administration. I love Dr. Pepper, puppies, grilled cheese, Cars (the Disney Movie), color guard, and all things Lilly Pulitzer. I am a certified snark™; I nap recreationally; and I make excessive use of the trademark symbol (™).

You can find me in the pool, casually working on my Chaco tan™, or on my socials linked at the bottom of this blog.