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Welcome back to Wednesdays on Basically, Britain! I am super excited to feature an other great blogger in this week’s Blog Spotlight!

Second Blog Spotlight 2018: Megan Katarina Klauck @ Well Dressed Mess !


As we get started, Megan’s blog is really awesome! It’s just so upbeat and the design aspect is so colorful. Positivity and fun just radiates from this site.

I sent Megan a list of questions about herself and her blog and here is what she had to say:

Tell us about yourself:

“I am a singer-songwriter living in Nashville! I love to blog, write short stories, write songs, etc. I pretty much love anything involving writing. I have my own band and am a full-time musician. In addition to writing, I love to travel. I own a 1968 Airstream trailer which I am fixing up. I am also documenting the renovation of and my adventures in my Airstream on my blog. I intend to start traveling the US in my trailer full time around March/April of this year. I love to read books and poetry and other blogs. Pretty much, travel, writing, and music is my life’s passions!”

What are your favorite topics to write about?

“My favorite topics to write about are hands down personal development and travel. Any way I can help others overcome roadblocks on their own personal development journey is something that I want to have on my blog.”

How did you get started blogging?

” I initially started a blog about three years ago, when I first purchased my Airstream. I started the blog solely to document the renovations and eventually my travels. A little over a year ago, I realized that I wanted to blog about a lot more than just fixing up my Airstream. I went through a tough break up and realized in my healing from that that I wanted to help others and build a community through my blog.”

Blogger inspo?

“My biggest blogger inspirations are Dorkface & Jessica Slaughter. I love the aesthetics and content in their blogs. Looking at them truly inspires me. Places that inspire me are definitely the mountains (of any kind), hiking anywhere outdoors. Things that inspire me: music, Pinterest (obvs), Erin Hanson’s Poetry, looking at art of any kind.”

Link to your favorite post on your blog:

“I think this is my favorite personal blog post that I have made -”

Giving Glory To God (Even Though I’m A Dirty Sinner)

Favorite post by another blogger:


Advice to other bloggers?

“Don’t do it unless you love it! And make sure that you LOVE the topics that you blog about. People can tell when you are being authentic & they love that. On the contrary, they can also see through your attempts to be like others but not yourself. Be yourself in your art and the rest will come easy.”

Blogging Milestones or Upcoming Blog Goals?

“My blogging goals for 2018 are to do more sponsored posts on products that I love & put lots more attention on building my email list! I also intend to post 2 times a week rather than 1.”

Proudest moment of your life so far:

“Hmmmm proudest moment of my life so far has definitely been making the move to Nashville this year. It’s something I’ve said I was going to do for 6 years. It has taken so much courage and working through past wounds to get me to the spot of being ready to leave home. And I’m proud of the life that I’m building for myself “on my own”. It has just taken so much boldness and I’m finally recognizing that.”

Any final words?

“Thank you so much for featuring me. The message that I want to bring to the world is to not let the fear of failure hold them back from doing what they truly want to try. If you fall on your butt, then you learn, you FEEL something, and you come back even better. There is absolutely no joy in conformity, or in putting up with people or things that make you unhappy because you are afraid of what will happen if you let go and take a leap of faith. Every decision you ever make is out of fear or love. Make your decisions out of love for yourself & others, always 🙂


Again, you can find Megan at Well Dressed Mess.


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