Case of the Mondays: January 22nd

Hey y’all! I’m baaaccckkkk!!! Happy Happy Monday!

I am really bad about not posting on the weekends.. I promise I’ll try to work on it.

Mondays are a busy busy busy day. We do our Aqua Zumba trial classes on Mondays and Thursdays, so I get to do lots of dancing and practice. I just started the second trial set and it is SUPER fun but also a really good work out!

Weekly Goals (January 22nd – January 28th)

Read my Bible every day. (This will continue to be on every single week’s goals. ALWAYS.)

Pick up my mail at the post office.

Dye my hair??

Organize my spare bedroom.

Get rid of the gas dryer.

How will I make this week great?

I am quite optimistic about this week. I don’t actually have overly too much to look forward to, but I am living and breathing so that is good. We are about a month out from changing the L.A.P. schedule again and adding in some swimming lessons and the public Zumba class. I have lots of programming and clerical stuff to get that ready- and I really enjoy that kind of work.


Rose, Bud, Thorn (RBT):

(See the Rose, Bud, Thorn page for an in-depth explanation of RBT.)

R: Today, I am looking forward to getting home and relaxing. Maybe going to WalMart (I ♥ WalMart)

B: Later this week, I am looking forward to the next Aqua Zumba class on Thursday!

T: I’m really not looking forward to not having any major events or anything this week.

That’s all for today! See you tomorrow!!

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