Case of the Mondays: Part 1 October 16th

Welcome to the first post of the series Case of the Mondays. You can catch this post on Monday afternoons. This series is just the beginning of a group of 7 daily blog series posts, which will be in addition to the regular unscheduled posts.


Case of the Mondays

A typical day on Case of the Mondays will include:

Goals for this week.

How I intend to make the week great.

Rose, Bud, Thorn. (RBT)

Don’t worry, I’ll elaborate as I post. 

Weekly Goals (October 16th- October 22nd)

Get all of the daily blog series posts started.

Try to swim at least 3 days this week.

Read my Bible everyday.

Make 1 more wreath.

Get everything ready to head home this weekend.

How will I make the week great?

This week should be easy to make great. I am still coming off the high from my birthday week last week and I am getting to go home this weekend. I also have my parent’s dog staying with me this week. It will be difficult to ruin honestly. As far as my active effort to make the week great, I have started a book/journal that my grandmother got me for my birthday. It is called the Joy Journal by Cherie Ferguson. Cherie is actually a lady in my parent’s church, so it is kind of cool to be working on a book by someone you know. Anyway, so part of her book is a call to action, to set aside a specific time each day that you will spend time with the Lord/in His word. So I am actually taking that philosophy into some other aspects of my life this week. I am setting aside time for things like going for a walk, snuggling with the puppy, laying down in bed (because that is the best feeling ever), posting on the blog, and of course, all of this is in addition to the set aside time with the Lord. I am really thinking that just setting aside small bursts of time for little things as these will really add to the quality of my week and to help me de-stress a little bit.

Rose, Bud, Thorn (RBT)

RBT is kind of a faddish exercise found all over the internet. The main purpose of this fun simple exercise is to help you become more aware of your surroundings and incorporate gratitude into your routine. It can be found online as a daily routine, but I have modified it for a weekly routine in this series.

It’s a simple template:

Rose- What was the highlight of your day/ what are you looking forward to TODAY?

Bud- What are you looking forward to LATER THIS WEEK?

Thorn- What has gone wrong/ what are you dreading TODAY?

So here goes this week’s RBT:

R: Today I am looking forward to going to Dollar Tree/Walmart to get the stuff to make another wreath and actually making the wreath.

B: Going home this weekend and getting to see The Band of Pirates perform in competition!

T: The long day of work ahead of me and having left the puppy in the crate today.

Awesome. Thanks for reading Case of the Mondays: Part 1 October 16th!

Hope to see you next time.

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