Case of the Mondays: Part 4 Nov. 6th

Good morning y’all!!

Welcome back to Basically, Britain!

First off, I want to apologize for going M.I.A. over the weekend and missing last week’s Top 10 at 10 and Coffeetalk. I have some great posts planned for this weekend though! Last weekend was just super productive- as far as house cleaning and work goes. I didn’t have time to log on to my computer at all, unfortunately.

So anyway, I’m back and ready as ever for this Case of the Mondays: Part 4.

Weekly Goals (November 6th – November 12h)

Read my Bible every day. (This will continue to be on every single week’s goals.)

Get the pool heater fixed, as that is STILL an issue and we are waiting for the part.

Make the spaghetti and meatballs that you have been planning to make!

Figure out why my office mini fridge started acting up. (It only ever has soda in it so it isn’t a huge deal if it does, but I’d like to solve the mystery.)

Touch up my hair color.

Make a DIY foot hammock for my desk

How will I make this week great?

Well, unless anything comes as a surprise, I have a pretty uneventful week ahead of me. That can be a blessing and a curse, as I hate being bored, but I also love a good bit of relaxation time.

This week, my method to try to make the week great is to focus on being optimistic and positive minded.

Story time:

My previous job was often a pretty toxic environment. Don’t get me wrong, I made some great friends there and my bosses were hands down probably two of the best bosses I will ever have, but there was hardly a day that would pass that there wasn’t some sort of drama or major negativity going on. I am also certainly not saying that I didn’t contribute to that often or at times, but I genuinely do not enjoy being in an environment where drama thrives as it does there.

So this past weekend, as I was on the phone with Cory (cuz Cory still works at my previous job when he is home from college.), he told me about how a couple of my friends were talking to him about some things they had heard about my new job. They were saying how they had heard them from another girl who works there (one that I called my friend for a while.). Things like how everything is a mess here, and things are held together with duct tape, how there are always major chemical imbalance issues, etc. Of course, none of that stuff is true. Things are actually pretty organized for the most part. I work for a great boss and our entire parks and rec department works together really well. The only thing held together with any sort of tape here is my fly swatter, but I just got a new one of those and then as far a chemical issues, we have as many normal issues as any regular pool does- especially one with as small of gallon-age as we are. She just has the luxury of not ever having to deal with chemicals aside from shocking the pool. I’m not sure if she ever worked at their outdoor pool, but even they don’t have to do anything other than merely test chemicals or shock the pool. That luxury being the case though, she actually would have no clue what she is talking about as far as chemical imbalance in a pool setting goes. OH AND THE BIG KICKER- she actually hasn’t spoken to me since I left almost 2 months ago- Hasn’t made a single effort to make contact with me. (AND THAT’S OKAY)

-end story-

The moral of that story is that I am in a situation now where there is not any drama like that. It gives me something to be thankful for that is for certain. That happening, it really upset me, but it also made me turn around and look at the positives going on in life and in my new setting- which I think will aid in making my week great.

Rose, Bud, Thorn (RBT):

(See the Rose, Bud, Thorn page for an in-depth explanation of RBT.)

R: Today I am looking forward to Walmart this afternoon and having a good lunch today. OH AND WRITING MY LIEBSTER POST!

B: Making spaghetti and meatballs whenever I do that and making my foot hammock.

T: Continuing to deal with the pool heaters and getting past the drama from past job that seems to be continuing.


That is all for this week on Case of the Mondays: Part 4!


Thanks for joining in and stay positive!




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