Case of the Mondays: Part 6 Nov. 20th

I am thinking of renaming this series to “Motivated Mondays”. We shall see, it was just a thought that came right as I began writing this post.

Weekly Goals (November 20th – November 26th)

Read my Bible every day. (This will continue to be on every single week’s goals.)

Get all packed up and ready to head home for the holiday.

Clean out my car.

Send back the Zagg screen protectors that I got warranty replacements for.

Touch up my hair color.

Visit some friends while I am home.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family.

How will I make this week great?

This week has a holiday in it, so it shouldn’t be difficult to make great. It’s not just any holiday either, it’s my second favorite holiday! Thanksgiving is great. Its so laid back and the food is the best. Also the Thanksgiving naps are the best!

Rose, Bud, Thorn (RBT):

(See the Rose, Bud, Thorn page for an in-depth explanation of RBT.)

R: Today I am looking forward getting all ready to go home. It’s only a 2 day work week for me!

B: Later this week I am looking forward to being home, spending the holiday with friends and family, and relaxing with the REALLY long weekend (5 days!!).

T: I’m dreading this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon for the short time that I will have to deal with the swim team coaches.

That’s all folks! At least for this week on Case of the Mondays: Part 6!

See you next week for Part 7 or later this week for more scheduled and unscheduled posts!


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