Coffeetalk: Part 1 October 22nd

Welcome to the first post of the series Coffeetalk. You can find this post usually coming in on Sunday mornings- today is an exception as I am out of town and it is quite hectic. This series is the last a group of 7 daily blog series posts, which will be in addition to the regular unscheduled posts. Check out the Series Schedule page for more info on the daily series posts. If you missed some of the other series posts, I’ll link them here for you.

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Coffeetalk is designed to be an “easy like Sunday morning” topic, something you would discuss with a friend over a cup of coffee- little anecdotes, easy debates, and life happenings.

Because of the hustle and bustle of this particular weekend, I’ve decided to do a weekly recap for this weeks Coffeetalk.

Monday- I redefined Basically, Britain. that took up a lot of my free time that day. It was hard work but oh so worth it.

Tuesday- It had to have been a typical day at work as nothing is really standing out to me.

Wednesday- First off, it was payday, which is great. Second off, it was the beginning of my journey to get ready for the weekend. OH! I also got a flat tire and had to get new tires.

Thursday- Though it is my last day of the week that the pool is open, I still work on Fridays to do upkeep, cleaning and end of the week duties. I made a point to Skype with my boyfriend this evening because I had neglected him all week AND Sonic has BOGO wings on Thursday nights so he and I have a “wing night”.

Friday- Friday is always a hectic day, but I made it through. I went in to work at 7am and worked through lunch until 3pm, so I could get ready to leave to go home as soon as possible. I got to leave around 5pm, went through Rolla to get Cory, and we got home around 11pm.

Saturday- Francis Howell North Marching Competition. I went with the band/guard I have been coaching. They did really well. It was nice to see how far the show had come. They got 2 runs- prelims and finals. Their finals run was 1 million times better than prelims, at least for the guard. I also got my “Coach Britain” jacket and I think it is so cool.  I also got to see my very first color guard instructor, who is the current coach of FHN and honestly my inspiration for everything in my life color guard.

Sunday- We got to sleep in- FINALLY, go to church, and have lunch with my family. I have missed those Sunday mornings. I travel back tonight and we are leaving around 5pm again so I should be home around roughly 11pm.


That’s all for this weeks Coffeetalk. See you next week with bells on!



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