CoffeeTalk: Part 2 October 29th

Welcome back to Coffeetalk!

This is actually the first Coffeetalk where I am actually writing with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.

Hazelnut Cappuccino with Mocha Cream!

CoffeeTalk is kind of a difficult prompt these days as I do not have much going on in the realm of CoffeeTalk topics.

Last week was a weekly recap.

So on Friday, I had an interview at Lee’s Summit West High School in Kansas City for a winter guard instructor position. (a winterview…lol) I am honestly not sure how the interview went. I know both the band director and myself are mildly skeptical of the distance that I would be driving for this position. Of course, I told him that it was more about doing something that I am passionate about than the drive or the money, but it is hard to believably express that to someone who does not know you very well.

He said that he is hopeful to let me know by this Friday, but if not this Friday- then next Friday.

Just in anticipation, I have been drafting show concepts and designs. I certainly will not lose any sleep if I do not get it, but I just want to be prepared in case I do.

LSW has been having roughly 25 people for their fall and winter guards. That number kind of intimidated me a little bit as far as choreography goes, just because that really calls for flag, rifle, and sabre work. Flag work is obviously my go to these days, but I was going through my YouTube choreography and that certainly reminded me that I can choreograph weapon- and I can choreograph it pretty well.

It would certainly be a cool opportunity! I am excited about the possibility and that I am even being considered.



See you next week for more Coffeetalk!


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