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If you missed Transparent Tuesday: Parts 4-10, you can check them out here. Since this is series-ception, all of those are in the DCP series Transparent Tuesdays. You have already missed DCP- RoomiesDCP- RolesDCP-Applications, DCP- Perks and Bucket Lists, and DCP- Terminology and Jargon, DCP- Orlando Area Jargon/Terms!

Today I am excited to feature a post about DCP- Housing!

The college program offers a few different housing options for it’s interns.

At Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL there are 5 different options: Chatham Square Apartments, Patterson Court Apartments, The Commons, Vista Way Apartments, and off-site housing.

At Disneyland in Anaheim, CA there are only 2 options: Carnegie Plaza Apartments and off-site housing.

First things first, lets hit some pros/cons of living in Disney Housing vs. Off Site Housing:


  • Disney Transportation will be an option if you need to use it.
  • Complete immersion into DCP.
  • Not your typical leasing situation.
  • You can have some really great experiences with your roommates.
  • Located in pretty close proximity to Disney.
  • Not overly too much planning and arranging a head of time, as Disney does most of the work for you!


  • Roommates have to arrive/depart on the same dates, so options are limited.
  • Sharing a room with 1 to 2 people.
  • Disney has some pretty insanely picky housing inspections. .
  • Disney also has some pretty insanely picking guest policies.
  • A lot of things you do in Housing could be a terminable offense (i.e. underage drinking, drugs, etc.). Disney can choose to term you for anything (Florida doesn’t require employers to have a reason to fire someone) and this extends to your actions in Disney housing.

Next, Pros/Cons of the different complexes! The pros/cons of off-site living can be found after the complexes!

WDW Housing- Chatham Square:

Chatham is considered one of the best complexes in Disney Housing. It is located in Little Lake Bryan and is right across from Mickey’s Retreat.


  • Bus stop at complex entrance.
  • Happy medium between party complex and quiet complex.
  • Most housing events located here.
  • Apartments are usually nice and in decent condition
  • Proximity to Mickey’s Retreat.


  • Big housing events can be loud.
  • Lack of parking when housing events are going on.
  • If you are wanting a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, those are hard to come by in Chatham.


  • Easily the best on site gym.
  • Pool
  • Lots of parking
  • Service Center

WDW Housing- Patterson Court:

Patterson is also considered one of the best complexes in Disney Housing. It is located in Little Lake Bryan close to Chatham Square.


  • Newest complex so apartments are usually in pretty good condition.
  • Quietest complex


  • Quietest complex, tend to be considered the “grandma” complex.
  • No bus station, must catch bus at Chatham.
  • More expensive rent


  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Service Center

WDW Housing- The Commons:

The Commons is an awesome option for housing as well. It is also located in Little Lake Bryan and is the closest in proximity to the Vineland Outlet Mall.


  • Has it’s own convenience store in the complex
  • Washer & Dryer in each apartment
  • Closest to the Outlet Mall
  • Has its own bus stop


  • Very big complex with very busy buses
  • More expensive rent


  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Service Center
  • Large Presentation Room

WDW Housing- Vista Way:

The original CP housing complex. Located outside of Little Lake Bryan, about a 10 minute drive from the other complexes.


  • The main bus hub is located here.
  • Walking distance from restaurants and grocery stores.
  • Rent tends to be cheaper.
  • Known for being the party-complex.


  • Known for being the party complex- can be loud.
  • Very busy buses.
  • Located away from the other housing complexes.
  • Apartments are older.


  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Service Center
  • Basketball Courts

DL Housing- Carnegie Plaza 

Carnegie Plaza is the only company sponsored housing complex at Disneyland for College Program participants.


  • Washer and Dryer in every unit.
  • Only CP complex, so closely located to other CPs.
  • Lots of things to do close by.
  • Disney offers free bus passes for CPs for public transport.


  • It’s an actual lease, so if you self-term or get termed, you are still responsible for rent.
  • Disney classes required to live on property.


  • I am having trouble finding information about amenities. Will update when I do.

WDW or DL- Offisite Housing:


  • Not having to adhere to Disney’s insane guest policies.
  • No random Disney Housing inspections.
  • Not required to share a room.
  • More flexibility with roommates (if you even have any!)
  • You can bring a pet!!!


  • Cannot use DCP Housing transportation.
  • Far more planning and consideration must happen further in advance to ensure you have a place to live for the program.
  • Lease situations- if you are in a program less than 6 months, it will be difficult to find a short-term lease. (Unless you’re planning to stay in Orlando/Anaheim long term.
  • May have more trouble making friends, as you will not be completely immersed in the DCP.


So that’s the gist of the complexes and the housing situation- pro/con wise.

I want to take a bit to discuss some other important housing information briefly:

  • Wellness vs. Non-Wellness Housing:
    • Wellness Housing is Disney’s way of saying you cannot have ANY alcohol in the apartment. All participants under the age of 21 will be in wellness housing.  You can room in wellness if you are 21 and up if you want to avoid alcohol- for whatever reason- or if you want to room with people that are under 21. (If you turn 21 during your program, you can move.) Wellness is not a specific complex or anything. Essentially, it is just an apartment where all members are under the age of 21, or the members over the age of 21 signed a contract not to have alcohol in the apartment. Having alcohol in a Wellness apartment is a terminable offense. People can report you for it and Disney will check or they could find it during an inspection.
    • Non-Wellness is the opposite of Wellness, meaning alcohol is allowed in the apartment. All members of these apartments will be over 21 years of age. Again, Non-Wellness does not apply to a specific complex or anything, just a unit where all occupants are over 21. You will not get termed for having or drinking alcohol in these apartments, obviously.
  • Roommate Configuation:
    • The complexes have several different layouts and roommate situations.
      • 1br/1bath= 2 people share the apartment. ($196-$200/person/week)
      • 1br/1bath= 3 people share. ($115-$120/person/week)
      • 2br/2bath= 4 people share. ($117-$132/person/week)
      • 2br/2Bath= 5 people share. ($110-$112/person/week)
      • 2br/2bath= 6 people share. ($103/person/week)
      • 3br/3Bath= 6 people share. ($108-$120/person/week)
      • 4br/4bath= 8 people share. ($116-$120/person/week)
    • In the 2 person rooms, there will be 2 twin size beds (NOT TWIN XL).
    • In the 3 person rooms, there will be 1 twin size bed (not XL) and 1 set of twin size bunk beds.
    • Roommates must all have the same arrival and departure dates.
    • Roommates must all be the same gender.
    • Roommates must all be under or over 21 (or over 21 aged and living with underage must sign contract not to drink in apartment).
  • Service Animals:
    • If you must bring a service animal (physical or emotional) then you must live in a room by yourself. I am unsure if that means you must live in a 1br/1bath by yourself or if you can have apartment-mates, but you have to have the room to yourself.


That’s all for now in this DCP Series-Ception. Please feel free to message me if you have ANY questions at all about the dcp!

Also any info about the DCP can be found directly from Disney, here.




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