Happy 2 0 1 8! –Christmas and 2017 Recap!

Happy New Year!!! Welcome back!

Sorry for the long break, I took a small vacation home and time just got away from me! I am back now and ready to post regularly though!

The week home gave me LOADS to post about, but for now, lets just stick to Christmas and a twenty seventeen recap.


Christmas is a pretty low key holiday in my family and I am really grateful for that. We opened presents and then Cory came over in the afternoon and we had a nice evening with him. My dad and I always do day after Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart so Cory got to join in on that- though I’m not sure it was his thing.

-2 0 1 7 Recap-


I began my search for a job above a head guard. I interviewed a few places before ending up applying for Midwest Pool Management.


Cory turned 21. Nothing much else really happened in February.


Cory got really mad at us for going to the park late at night after going out. That was legitimately the only interesting night of March.


Saw my Little in Mississippi. Took a really funny video of Mace falling out of a swing. Tried the ‘Unicorn Frappuchino’ which truly “instagrams better than it tastes”. Got StarGUARD Certified.


Started my job managing at Midwest Pool Management. Went to the beach with Cory and he tried Whataburger for the first time. Started some great brand new friendships.


Cars 3 came out. We tried to get melons delivered to work. Went to Mark Twain lake and swam in the lake with a giant Pegasus float. Mace got a coke back out of the trash can because she “actually wasn’t done with it yet”.


Cory and I went on a date to Lewis and Clark’s (I think that is where we went.). MPM had All Star Challenge which is basically lifeguard Olympics. We won the regatta boat race by default- it was raining so we couldn’t have the race but our boats were the best. We then raced our boats at our pool and Toni won cuz I fell out and couldn’t get back in. Got a job instructing the SCHS guard and did band camp with them.


Worked at a bunch of different pools while mine was closed on the weekdays. Died Jackson’s armpits pink. Interviewed for more pool jobs. The solar eclipse happened while I was working at a pool in Wentzville, which was in the path of totality. The guard had their first football game and got poms.


Visited the city I currently live in and accepted the job I currently work. Moved out on my own completely. Started this job and fell in love with it. Had a brief encounter with Nugget.


Died my hair red/brown. Went home for a marching band competition for SCHS. Turned 23. Visited the massive bass pro in Springfield and got a pink yeti cup. Interviewed for Guard jobs and started my choreography business.


Went home for Thanksgiving. Taught work to a color guard in Kansas City. Had some great nights with friends while I was home for Thanksgiving.


Died my hair blonde again because I always go back to blonde and idk why I ever change it. Went home for a week at Christmas and had a great time with friends and family. Prepared for some exciting new programming at the pool. Saw the new Star Wars movie.



2017 has been a wonderful year. It was mainly positive, which was so great compared to the past few years. There was very little negative in 2017 for me. I furthered my career in Aquatics, moved out on my own, and found a lot of direction in my life.


I hope to continue finding direction. I hope to further my relationship with God, my career, and my personal relationships. I hope to be a more understanding person, as that is something I began to work on as we began nearing the end of 2017. I am truly making an effort to keep the good vibes rolling through 2018.




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