T.G.I.F: Anything Goes- Part 3 Nov. 3rd

Hey y’all!

Welcome back to T.G.I.F: Anything Goes on Basically, Britain.

I heave a pretty hectic day ahead of me today, as Fridays are my ‘get my stuff together’ days at the pool. The pool is closed on Fridays during the off season, so I can work pretty uninterrupted. Oh man, do I have A LOT to get done today!

That being the case, today’s T.G.I.F. will be short and sweet.

T.G.I.F: Anything Goes: What I’m Watching on Netflix

First off, you should know that I am not your typical Netflix-er. I do not really look for new shows often. I watch the same shows on a loop until I am sick and tired of them (which doesn’t happen often) or until I get the rare desire to discover something new. So here are the shows that I loop repeatedly or am currently discovering:



New Girl

How I Met Your Mother

That 70’s Show

Gilmore Girls

Baby Daddy

Secret Life of the American Teenager


Law and Order: SVU

Jane the Virgin



That, of course, is not all I have ever watched on Netflix. There are certainly things that i have watcher with other people or only once as well. These are just my ‘go to’ shows that I know I can always watch and be satisfied with that decision. If you don’t know about one of them, or haven’t tried watching one, I highly suggest it.


Sorry for the short post- gotta be productive!


See you next week and THANK. GOD. IT’S. FRIDAY!!



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