T.G.I.F: Anything Goes- Part 7 Dec. 1st

Happy December! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (Or something..? I’m actually not the biggest fan of Christmas- unpopular opinion, I know.)

Seriously though 2017 is FLYING BY!

T.G.I.F. Thank God it’s Friday!!!! Seriously, Friday could not have come fast enough this week.

So today, T.G.I.F: A Few Stay-at-Home Date Ideas!

In honor of my boyfriend coming to visit this weekend, here are a few fun date ideas on a budget, or if you just like staying home like we do. We are going to try a few of these or have tried them in the past, so I will report how they went/go if we have/do.

Meal Kit 

Think Hello Fresh or something of the like. Wal-Mart has a Great Value version called “Chef Inspired Meal Kit”. That is actually what Cory and I are trying for dinner tonight. I think we are going for a Brisket meal but there are other options like meatloaf, pot roast, pork chops, porchetta, turkey breast, etc.

It is a great opportunity to cook together and learn to make new things that you may not have already known how to make, or at least learn a new recipe for them.

Blanket Fort 

Okay, maybe I am just 5 at heart, but blanket forts are cute and fun for people of all ages. (and I know it is not just me because I distinctly remember my staff this past summer making one on the day it was like 40 degrees outside in July. They used the inner tubes and their blankets and towels to make a fort and watch movies because the place was clean and no one was coming to the pool!) You can even adult it up with Netflix and a bottle of wine.

Movie Marathon

Cory would probably lose his mind in excitement if I said yes to some sort of Star Wars movie marathon or something, but like any set of movies will do. It could be by themes such as 90’s movies, Disney, comedies, etc. You could also do a series, like Star Wars or Cars or something.

Craft Night

Don’t get me wrong, I know this isn’t for everyone (especially every guy) out there. Last time Cory came to visit we decided to have craft night and that is actually how I got into making my wreaths. That was the craft we decided on, neither of us ever having made them before. We had a great time and have a great decoration to remember the night by.

Backyard Games

Okay, so I live in an apartment so this isn’t an option for us at the moment, but when I lived with my parents, it was something we periodically did. Croquet was one we played with my parents. I had a water balloon fight with a previous boyfriend. Slip and Slide was also a very fun one. Sidewalk chalking the drive way is a fun one too, though not really in the backyard.

Binge Netflix

Alright this is proof that anything can be a date. Having dinner together on the couch, while binge watching your favorite shows can be as much of a date as any fancy dinner.


Truthfully, it is all about the mindset. LITERALLY ANYTHING can be a date. Whether it is a trip to the store or a planned out eventful evening, it is about the time together. I, myself, am guilty of forgetting that. Moving 3-5 hours away certainly reminded me. I am excited to try some stay-at-home dates this weekend!

I’ll probably report back on them for part of Coffeetalk on Sunday morning.



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