The Greatest Salesman™

Everyone’s got an act.

The Setting: The Mall in a city nearby

The Goal: Take advantage of Victoria’s Secret’s Sale, buy some Chacos,  eat some Chick-fil-A, and try not to buy too many other useless items (and especially no other expensive items).

Take 1- Saturday Afternoon

Cory and I went to the nearest (decent) mall a few weeks ago. I was hopeful to take advantage of Victoria’s Secret’s 7/$28 sale and buy a pair of Chaco sandals fro Journeys. After accomplishing those goals, we were just looking around the mall, when we walked by Tradehome Shoes. Tradehome had upwards of 15 different styles of Chaco sandals, while Journeys only had 2. I was just perusing them, when the associate working attempted to sell me another pair:

“You always need 2 pairs of Chacos, so if one is being repaired, you have another to wear.”

I was sold, but decided to sleep on it and decide later in the week (and after payday) if I still wanted them.

Nonetheless, this guy seemed to be a good salesman.

We walked around the mall some more and then got our Chick-Fil-A and went home.

Take 2- Wednesday Afternoon

I’m back at the mall. This time, hopeful for a pair of Victoria’s Secret leggings and yet another pair of Chacos. After finding the leggings, I headed on to Tradehome. This time there was a different associate working, but still an excellent salesman.

I asked him if he could grab a pair of Chacos in my size, and he obliged. When he returned from the back he exclaims

“Here are your shoes, and I brought out a present!”

The present was this pair of light grey New Balance tennis shoes. He goes and opens up this package of expensive compression socks and next thing I know, my butt is in a chair and he is putting this shoe on my feet. It was a real Cinderella moment. Like, I looked down and I was like How did I even get hereThey were definitely the most comfortable tennis shoes that I have ever put on (and cute too!).

Needless to say, I went home with both pairs of shoes and the pair of socks.

At that moment, I headed directly for Chick-Fil-A and then directly to my car- DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200..

I had gone to the mall with the intention to spend around $150, and instead spent closer to $250- all because of The Greatest Salesman™.


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