Theological Thursdays: Part 7 Nov. 30th

First off, lets take a moment to acknowledge that this is the last day of November. 2017 has ONE MONTH left. That’s all and then we are on to 2018. –C R A Z Y–

Welcome back y’all! Please know that once this time of year slows down, the blog posts will pick back up. I know this is a busy time of year for most everyone, so I hope y’all are understanding.

“So, whatever you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”- 1st Corinthians 10:31:

That is a top 10 favorite verse for me right there. (Maybe even a top 5!!!)

Literally everything we do has the potential to be done in a manner that brings glory to God. You know, except sinful things (Which I like to think is self-explanatory but here we are.). Bringing glory to God is a deep concept, that sound like it has to be some extravagant event in order to serve that purpose. However, there is no action that we could not use to glorify God- big event- little event- and everything in between. People gotta eat, people gotta drink: do those things in a manner that could glorify God. (I’ll touch later on some examples of this, I promise.) Practicing a hobby? Do it to the glory of God. Even tasks as un-spiritual as cleaning, paying a bill, driving, etc- all can be done with the glorification of God as a result.

Let’s back it on up to the very root of this–

Glory is defined (by Miriam Webster) as:

1a) Praise, Honor, or Distinction

1b) Worshipful praise, Honor, and Thanksgiving

(There are several other definitions in different context(s), but for the sake of not wasting anyone’s time- these are the ones you need.)

Essentially- in all we do, we should be bringing praise, honor, distinction, worship, and thankfulness to God. Sounds about right. Amirite?

Eating and Drinking: This can mean a lot of things (and I will touch on that part of this scripture later too- interpretation.). These are just some examples of how you can glorify God through these intakes.


There is a whole holiday centered around it, but each meal/snack/drink/food ingested is a gift from God and should not be taken for granted. The act of acknowledging and accepting that at every meal is one way of glorifying God.

Healthy Intake.

Understand, I am not good at this one, so do not look to me for example. Healthy eating can be worshipful in a sense that you are taking care of your body- which God created. Again, as long as you take note of that in your reasoning– “I am eating healthy to better my temple for the service of others and God”.


Eating/taking in a meal with others around you. This is as simple as letting your light shine to someone who may need it or gathering with other Christians. Fellowship can be a worshipful act, therefore glorifying God.


This verse can be interpreted in many different ways. I cannot tell you a right or wrong way to interpret it (except that sin cannot be used to glorify God- which also could be arguable at a later date.). Essentially, to glorify something is to worship it. Worship is such a personal matter, and how someone worships differs vastly from person to person. On top of that, everyone has their own methods of glorifying God. You may glorify God with you intake, in a way that I didn’t mention above. THAT’S PERFECTLY OKAY!!

The word of God is not just a Sunday morning read. It is relevant every day of the week, every hour of the day, every minute of the hour, so on and so forth. It should be taken into account in every aspect of our life- job, social, monetary, personal- every single aspect of our lives. Psalm 119:105 says ” Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”. In case you didn’t know, you are ALWAYS on a path of life. Unfortunately, you can change paths, but you can never just wander off road and not be on a path. Also unfortunately, each step on your path affects the future steps and obstacles to come, and everything you do is a step of some sort. Fortunately, we were provided a light on what would be a dark path without it. Again unfortunately, we have the option to turn the light on/off and are not required to use it. So often, people think they can find and make their own way, but really that just becomes a matter of following a dark path. Digging into the Word, using the Word as a light, and glorifying God with each step you make, that dark path can be lit. With the light, you can have some insight into the outcome your steps are making. Without that light, each step is blind and could have vile results.

God hasn’t asked us to glorify Him because he is some sort of conceited being that needs that kind of attention; he asks us to glorify Him because these things are a tool to make our lives better. He actually does care for us. He wants the best for us. He provided us with the tools to be the best we can be and have the best life we can have.

and he doesn’t just care for us on the large scale. He cares about the minuscule things too.

Not only does he care for us in terms of life/death or major relationships and events; he cares for how we eat, drink, and LITERALLY everything we do. (YAY! Full circle, see 1st Corinthians 10:31 at the beginning.)

He created the world, everything that surrounds us. He created us. So I mean, yeah he deserves our glorification and respect, but also he understands. He knows. He understands and knows everything about us and that will happen to us- before we even have a clue. He knows how the little things will have an effect on the big things. He knows how little lights can create big, bright, lights and how a little darkness can dim the brightest of lights. He knows that (because he created us in a way that this is just how it works.) glorifying him in EVERY. SINGLE. ASPECT. of your life will shine your light and grow your light. It’s good for you. Shining in the smaller aspects of life will light the path to the greater things.

It just never ceases to amaze me, how God’s love and care for us extends past the major events Out of the 7.442 BILLION people on earth, he has time for the little things that each and every one of us are facing. There are so many examples I could give, but I have one fairly recent one in particular to end on.


“I really do think you heard from the Lord.”

It’s something my mother has said to me a lot in the last couple of months, on one particular subject: Nugget.

No, not like chicken nugget or gold nugget.

I (briefly) had a dog that I had named Nugget. (No, I didn’t get inspo from Katy Perry either.)

I got Nugget in a rush because I reeeaallllyyy wanted (needed?) a dog before I moved. He was an 8 month old Rat Terrier who was as sweet and playful as can be.

-as long as you didn’t leave him alone.

The poor guy had SEVERE separation anxiety and did not deal well with me being at work for a full time job. I came home on one occasion having found his head stuck in the side of his crate. He had chewed and bent the crate trying to escape. (He had already escaped on several occasions.) I couldn’t let him roam free because he still had separation anxiety and would destroy the apartment trying to escape to come find me.

The day I came home to his head stuck in the crate, I had to cut the crate with bolt cutters to release him. That was the day I knew it was time for me to find him a better home where he could have more frequent company.

I had the means to take care of him, so there was no way I was releasing the poor guy to a shelter. I was going to be picky and find him a good home- the right home.

We (Nuggs and I) met a few different people/families, but none of them seemed right. There was one couple I drove almost an hour to meet. I was sure they would be right. He was retired and wanted a companion. They had 50 acres for him to run and play on. The whole situation sounded absolutely perfect. I didn’t think it could get any better.

When they met, he snapped at the guy.

He was such a friendly dog. I hadn’t seen him snap like that.

Nope. Not the right home.

I was getting so discouraged and felt so bad for the poor guy because he didn’t deserve to live in a state of panic so much while I was at work.

The next family I met, drove about an hour an a half to meet him. I drove 30 minutes. I didn’t know much about them other than that she was going to use him as an emotional support dog. She was going to have him with her at all times. She was retired so they were mostly at home, with some travel here and there. When they met, her and Nugget seemed to instantly click. It was beautiful. After that, I found out that they had not 50 acres, but 80 acres of land. They had other dogs for him to play with. It was a whole farm with horses and other animals. It was literal perfection for Nugget.

I think it goes without saying that he went home with her that day. I cried because though I didn’t have him long and I wasn’t the right home for him- I did love him.

She let me add her on Facebook and she posts pictures pretty often. I see Nugget having the time of his life. They truly are perfect for each other.

I wish I still had a copy of the text message she sent me at the end of their first night together. I got a new phone so it’s lost forever. It was something along the lines of “Thank you so much” and “i just know he is a God-send.” and “He met the other dogs and we took him out to meet the horses. He thought they were the biggest dogs he had ever seen!!” etc. It was so sweet and it just solidified that Nugget wasn’t meant for me, but actually for her.

When I first went into foster care, Puppy (my parents then-shih-tzu. Yes, his name was ‘Puppy’.), got me through that transitional period of my life. I loved that dog from the day I met him until his last day on earth. Nugget got me through the transition into living on my own in this new town.

Nugget helped me, and now he is helping her.

So how exactly did I “hear from the Lord” as my mother stated?

The day we packed everything up to move to my new town was also the day I got Nugget. We were still packing vehicles after bringing him home and he would whine, bark, and howl so bad when we weren’t in the room with him. It was a lot and I got concerned that I may have gotten in too deep with this dog.

We got up the next day to drive and get me moved to SWMO. Cory’s truck and trailer, my dad driving the church van, and my mom driving my car (I was riding passenger.). My car is really tiny so for the 5 hour drive, we put Nugget in the backseat of Cory’s truck. As my mom and I were en route we did a lot of talking. One of the things I asked her was “Do you think I am in over my head with Nugget?” she said that she thought I might be but I would make it work. That’s when I said what my mom believes was me hearing from God- and I don’t think she is wrong. “I’m not sure. If anything, maybe I’m just his ride to this side of the state. Maybe I am bringing him there because someone over there is supposed to be his long term owner. Maybe I am short term- and that’s okay.”.

Turns out I was just Nugget’s short term ride to SWMO. He is in his forever home now.

Nugget helped me, I helped Nugget.

His new owner helped him, and I am sure he is helping her.

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A dog. That is a small scale thing that God obviously had big plans for. He truly cares in every aspect of our life. That’s why He want’s us to follow his word and to glorify Him in all we do. How great is it to have a God that love us this much and gave us all the means to have the best life we can have? and in return all we really have to do is love, honor, and respect Him and His teachings? It’s so great.


See you next time on Basically, Britain.


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