Thoughts and Ponders of a Princess- Basically, Britain

Hi y’all! My name is Amber Britain and this is my reinvented blog.

Let. me. tell. you.

This blog has been reinvented so many times I have lost track. Usually around any major event in my life, it has been reinvented. the reinventing process is actually kind of exhausting. Deleting all the old posts… changing the layout… writing a new post to announce yourself… all while trying to create a new aesthetic. First off, let me say that I am adding to a post that was originally a draft, but intended to be published at the last reinvention of this blog. I really enjoyed reading what it had to say, plus the title was cute.

On the note of creating a new aesthetic, I’m pretty sure that is a lot of what has kept me from creating a blog for a long time. Creating an aesthetic is difficult. I mean, I’m still not sure how I am going to do it. My personal style is a whole lot of preppy and a whole lot of boho with a little edge here and there. My hobbies are vast- ranging from crafting and DIY to Aquatics Aquatics Aquatics. I really have a heart for Aquatics, but I am just starting in the field, as far as management, and I am still learning lots. I am definitely not ready to start sharing ideas and opinions yet- I’m still forming them! My music taste is quite variable as well. One moment its classic rock (I LOVE CLASSIC ROCK!!!), the next it is country, and not 5 minutes later it is Latin. There is just no predicting it. My food tastes are pretty simple. I am not picky about most things, but I eat a lot of chicken. I really stick to the basics- pizza, chicken, burgers, pasta, chocolate. All of that being the case, an aesthetic is difficult. Blogs are supposed to be specialized for the most part. Nobody wants to read a blog that is simply about someones life. It’s hard to be specialized when so much of my life is variable and unpredictable. I’m not gonna say that I have thought of an aesthetic at this point, because I haven’t. My whole life is go with the flow for the most part, so this will have to flow as well.

So in honor of my new and improved blog, I started going back through and reading my very first blog. If you, too, would like to indulge yourself in my short high school ramblings of nothingness and apple pie, you can checkout Boy do I wish these things were all I had to worry about now.

Life lessons I learned from high school according to high school Amber:

  • Always keep apple pie in your purse.
  • Do not make a post just to announce that you got new boots.
  • Relationships really do need a complaint box.
  • Second place is really just the first place loser.
  • Do not make any social media post when you are on hard drugs. (Wisdom teeth extraction… I wasn’t like a hardcore druggie in high school I swear.)

I’m sure that there are plenty more hidden in there…. These are just the ones that deemed relevant for now.

So, welcome to the new and improved Basically, Britain! (Previously: Thoughts and Ponders of a Princess (TaPoaP haha) but now named Basically, Britain.)


So I guess I should introduce myself..

I’m Amber. I’m a 23 year old working full time in Aquatics and soon to be finishing up her Bachelors degree in Recreation Administration. I started my degree at the University of Southern Mississippi, originally majoring in Elementary Education- but that was NOT going to work out. I continued at USM into my junior year, completing most of my Gen Ed classes, struggling a lot along the way, and completing the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL as a Lifeguard. USM does not offer a recreation degree aside from Recreational Therapy, which is a different thing. I took some time off, advanced myself in Aquatics, taught some color guard, and then got my full time job in Aquatics in a town in SW Missouri. Coincidentally, said small town is pretty close to Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, KS- who has a pretty good Recreation degree. I will also qualify for in state tuition, so it works out pretty well. Pitt also has a pretty good Recreation Administration Graduate degree and it is all online, so I will definitely consider that.

I am dating my very best friend in the whole wide world, Cory, and you will probably hear a lot about him. We have been dating for almost 3.5 years!

I am a closet pop star- my shower head and steering wheel are my biggest fans.

Color guard is my passion, choreography more than performance.

Where else can ya find me?

Instagram @amberbritain

Twitter @amber_britain


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