Time Flies… When You’re Having The Time Of Your Life

Time flies when you’re having the time of your life. There are definitely a lot of life updates to tell.

I began writing for College Candy this past summer.

Some of my articles:

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I’ve moved and taken on a new job.

In July, I moved from SWMO to Central MO. I also moved on up in the Aquatics world. I am now a Recreation Supervisor over Aquatics, Concession, and Programs, as opposed to being just an aquatics manager. Where I am now is absolutely amazing. I could not imagine working with better people or in a better environment.

Also, the apartment I moved into is a cute little 2 level townhouse-ish thing. IT’S BRAND NEW- like I am the first person to ever live in this unit.

I attended the NRPA conference in Indy, IN.

National Recreation and Park Association Conference.

This was an awesome experience and I learned a lot about the field.

I turned 24.

Just this past weekend, actually. It was a very good day. My parents, a couple of friends, Cory, I all went to Top Golf and then lunch at Fitz’s in St. Louis. I could not have asked for a better day.



I saved the best for last…

Cory & I got engaged!!!

August 31st 2018 he asked me.

We are all amidst wedding planning, but the date is May 4th, 2019.


Hooray for life updates.


Stay tuned! (and keep up on College Candy too!)


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