Top 10 at 10: Best Things About Fall

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Top 10 Best Things About Fall at 10am!

It’s FALL y’all!


Pumpkin coffee, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin scented_________. It’s beautiful and everything smells and tastes like Autumn. 

9. Dropping Temperatures.

There is no better feeling than being able to wear shorts and a hoodie and be comfortable. 

8. Warm Drinks.

Warm drinks in the summer just never have the same effect during the spring/summer as they do this time of year. 

7. Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!

The pretty changing colors, the falling leaves, the crunch of leaves under your feet… it makes my heart happy.

6. Bonfires.

Smores… need I say more?

5.  The Fashion.

Sweaters, Scarves, boots, the cool earthy colors, everything about it feels cozy and perfect.

4. Daylight Savings Time.

Gaining an hour of sleep for one day… Zzzzzzzzz

3. Holidays.

Half priced Halloween candy on November 1st is a Holiday, right? and Thanksgiving is arguably the BEST holiday of the year- Move out of the way Christmas!

2. The bugs disappear.

No more mosquitoes, wasps, bees… it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Number 1:

Date season.

Finally, dates won’t involve nike shorts and planning to be drenched in sweat! Dressing cute-Staying cute, walking around the town, going to the park, doing just about anything outside and not being bothered by the climate of sticky summer! 


Yay Fall!

If you can’t tell, fall is my favorite season.

See you next week for another Top 10 at 10!

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