Transparent Tuesday: Part 1 October 17th

Welcome to the first post of the series Transparent Tuesdays. You can catch this post on Tuesday afternoons. This series is the second a group of 7 daily blog series posts, which will be in addition to the regular unscheduled posts. Check out the Series Schedule page for more info on the daily series posts. If you missed day 1 of the daily series, check out my Case of the Mondays from yesterday!

Transparent Tuesdays are intended to be a transparent post about things going on in my life, or happenings around the world.

For today’s Transparent Tuesday, I don’t really have much to write about. So I have decided to give some insight as to why I wanted to revive and revamp my blog.

First off, If you read my first post since the revival, you know that I have been keeping a blog since Livejournal was a thing back in my sophomore year of high school (2010-2011). I was never too good at actually keeping up with one once I got a job and grew up a little more, but I always came back and I always attempted. It is a good release for me. As someone who is an extreme introvert, it is an outlet for me to express my thoughts, ponders, and musings- without having to do so in a social setting.

Now that I am moved out and living on my own, I figured now was a prime time to redefine Basically, Britain. I have recently begun my first full time job. I just moved out into an apartment all by myself and about 4.5 hours away from the comforts of my friends and family. I am smack dab in the middle of experiencing a whole new life and a whole new character defining experience and that is the kind of stuff to blog about.

I am over the moon excited to begin this new era in my life and I am over joyed to begin this new era on this blog.

Stay tuned for more as more comes.


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