DCP Series-Ception: Orlando Area Jargon/Terms

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If you missed Transparent Tuesday: Parts 4-9, you can check them out here. Since this is series-ception, all of those are in the DCP series Transparent Tuesdays. You have already missed DCP- RoomiesDCP- RolesDCP-Applications, DCP- Perks and Bucket Lists, and DCP- Terminology and Jargon. (I skipped part 6, that’s why there are only 5.)

Continuing the jargon theme: Welcome to Transparent Tuesday: Part 10 DCP- Orlando Area Jargon/Terms! 

Many of these will be Orlando-specific and many will be Florida (and/or deep-southern states) -specific.

If you are anything like me, you’ve never lived in Florida before (and if you have, why are you here for this??). I visited periodically, but I had never lived there, so there was some non-Disney terminology to learn and get used to. Thankfully, I grew up in Alabama, so I had it a little bit easier than I would’ve, had I been born and raised in the Midwest.

Publix- The greatest grocery store known to man. Can be a little pricey- but the sales make up for everything. (and home of the Pub-Sub- try it and thank me later.)

Turkey Lake Rd- Basically a service road to the interstate (I-4) in downtown Orlando and the suburbs. The Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s are all on Turkey Lake.

Orange Blossom Trail- (OBT) Pretty much the sketchiest road in town- also where the Florida Mall is located.

Winter Park- The ‘Old Money’ area of the city.

UCF- University of Central Florida

Winter- anything other than a beautiful Sunny and 75 degrees.

LBV- Lake Buena Vista. Where Walt Disney World is actually located. TOURIST FILLED TO THE BRIM.

I-Drive- International Drive. One of the main roads in the city. Definitely gets you from point A to point B, especially if point B is an amusement park or cheap souvenir shop.

Outlets- Outlet malls, there are many dispersed among the city of Orlando. I-Drive Outlets are by far the biggest and best, though Vineland Outlets are okay too.

The Eye- No, not the body part. The Orlando Eye. It’s the giant Ferris wheel (think London Eye) smack dab in the middle of the city.

Kissimee- a suburb of Orlando, also has lots of tourist locations, food, and shopping.

Magic- could be Disney magic, Magic Kingdom, or the Orlando Magic basketball team.

Wawa- Arguably the greatest gas station on earth.

Valencia College- A school with many campuses in the Orlando area.

Rain/Thunderstorm- pretty much a daily occurrence, give it half an hour and ‘It’ll Pass’.

Palmetto- Giant flying cockroach- run for your life.

Sunpass- (or EZ pass) A pass for your car so you don’t have to stop at every single toll station.

Lynx- Public bus system for Orlando Area.

MCO- Orlando International Airport.

SFB- Orlando Sanford International Airport. Tiny airport about 40 mins outside of the city.

Yes, I understand this was short, and there will probably be more to come. Feel free to contact me or leave a comment with any other Orlando jargon/terminology/slang/lingo you think might be useful- or not useful!



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