DCP Series-Ception: Jargon and Terminology


Firstly, If you have missed any of the last few week’s Transparent Tuesday: Part 4 , Transparent Tuesday: Part 5 , or Transparent Tuesday: Part 6 , or Transparent Tuesday: Part 8 (part 7 was nonexistent.) then go check them out and get caught up because this is SERIES-CEPTION. I’m doing a DCP (Disney College Program)  topic series within the series Transparent Tuesdays. You have already missed DCP- RoomiesDCP- RolesDCP-Applications, DCP- Perks and Bucket Lists–but don’t worry, I linked them so you don’t miss out on all the fun.

Welcome back this week to DCP- Terminology and Jargon!

I know I have already used a lot of Jargon, but I will recap those already used and introduce some new, here. This will be far more like a dictionary- for reference rather than for an actual story/post.

  • Web Based Interview (WBI)- The first part of the DCP interview process where you answer a series of questions online.
  • Phone Interview (PI)- The second part of the DCP interview process. Pretty self explanatory, but you complete an interview over the phone.
  • Professional Internship (PI)- An internship with The Walt Disney Company that works with more professional roles than the DCP.
  • CP- College Program abbreviation. Can be used in terms of describing your program or describing a person that is on the program.
  • CM- Cast Member, an employee of The Walt Disney Company.
  • FT/PT/Seasonal/CT- Full time, part time, seasonal, casual temorary employees of the company. Higher up on the totem pole than CPs.
  • MK- Magic Kingdom.
  • DAK/AK- Disney’s Animal Kingdom/Animal Kingdom
  • DHS/Studios/HS- Disney’s Hollywood Studios/Hollywood Studios
  • TTC- Ticket & Transportation Center
  • DL- Disneyland
  • DCA- Disney’s California Adventure
  • BB- Blizzard Beach
  • DLP- Disneyland Paris
  • TL- Typhoon Lagoon
  • WDW- Walt Disney World
  • LBV- Lake Buena Vista
  • WoD- World of Disney
  • DS- Disney Springs (Formerly DTD- Downtown Disney)
  • Poly- Polynesian Resort
  • GF- Grand Floridian
  • DAKL- Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • MNSSHP- Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party
  • MVMCP- Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
  • Transtar- Company transport provided by Disney for CPs to/from CP housing.
  • The Hub- Disney’s online employee portal.
  • On-stage- anywhere where you can be seen by the public on Disney property.
  • Backstage- employee only ares of Disney property.
  • Costuming- your uniform, the places you can pick up your uniform, etc.
  • 4 Keys- The main core values of The Company- Safety, Courtesy, Efficiency, Show.
  • Point- A small form of disciplinary action from The Company.
  • Rep- A larger form of disciplinary action or the accumulation of 3 points.
  • Ops- Operations.
  • DVC- Disney Vacation Club.
  • FP- Fast Pass
  • Service Center- An office at each housing complex. It is there to provide assistance to CPs.
  • Blue ID- Your company ID- literally good for everything.
  • Company D- A Cast Member only shop located at various backstage locations.
  • Maingate/Self Admission Pass- Types of cast member park admission passes.
  • Comp Tickets- Cast member tickets for friends and family.
  • Chip & Dale Tickets- CP tickets for friends and family.
  • Traditions- Company orientation.
  • DU- Disney University.
  • Disney Look- Out of costume, on the clock, professional look. It has strict guidelines.
  • Leader/Coordinator- Basically your boss/manager.
  • EHH- Extra House Hotline- where you pick up more hours/shifts.
  • EMH- Extra Magic Hours- after park closing hours for resort guests.
  • Utilidoors- the tunnels under MK for Cast Members.
  • Westclock- The employee bus station to get backstage at MK.
  • ER- Early release.
  • ADO- Authorized/ Approved day off.
  • ROS- Release of shift.
  • FoF- Festival of Fantasy (a.k.a the 3 o’clock parade- now at 2 o’clock.)
  • FoP- Flight of Passage.
  • ToT- Tower of Terror.
  • Fant- Fantasmic.
  • Reedy Creek- the governing jurisdiction for the land of Walt Disney World- also runs the WDW fire department/ambulance service.
  • Illuminations- EPCOT Fireworks.
  • HEA- Happily Ever After, MK Fireworks
  • Wishes- Previous MK firework show.
  • Star Wars Fireworks- DHS Fireworks.
  • ADR- Advanced Dining Reservations
  • DCL- Disney Cruise Line
  • HM- Haunted Mansion
  • QSFB- Quick Service Food and Beverage
  • FSFB- Full Service Food and Beverage
  • POP- Pop Century
  • AoA- Art of Animation
  • PAC- Parade Audience Control
  • CS- Chatham Square- CP Housing Complex
  • VW- Vista Way- CP Hosing Complex
  • PC- Patterson Court- CP Housing Complex
  • Commons- CP Housing Complex
  • TT- Test Track
  • Little Lake Bryan- The area containing most of CP housing.
  • MR- Mickey’s Retreat- a cast member only outdoor recreation area, also located in Little Lake Bryan.


I am in no way incapable of forgetting any, so please let me know if you notice I am missing some. I also didn’t so all of the rides/lands- just some of the bigger more commonly abbreviated ones. There will be another post next week for Transparent Tuesday: Part 10 DCP- Orlando Area Jargon/Terms. 

See you next week for more or tomorrow for Working Wednesdays!


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