Transparent Tuesdays: Part 3 October 31st


Welcome back to Transparent Tuesdays.

Spooky Halloween Edition.

What is there to be transparent about in terms of Halloween? I was actually skyping with Cory when he was asking about my trick-or-treating as a child. It all came down to the fact that I actually do not have many memories of Halloween as a young child- certainly not at trick-or-treating age. Before I went into foster care/got adopted (age 9) by my family, I have very very limited memories. I remember that one year I was a ballerina princess for Halloween and that same year I went to a house that had not had any trick-or-treating children in like 5 years. That was definitely cool. I have broken memories of some church Halloween events, and there is a picture out there somewhere of me dressed as a pumpkin in Kindergarten. That’s IT. It’s kind of sad actually. After age 9, I have more-good- Halloween memories- though none of them really involve trick-or-treating. I had various costumes- a cheetah, a 50s girl, a fairy, a princess, etc- and all of those costumes went to church events. Those are definitely good memories.

October is a favorite month of mine- though Summer is my favorite season, I love October because it is a nice transition as the weather starts to cool off. The leaves turn absolutely beautiful. My birthday is in October. As well as it is just a scary, spooky time. I am not a big celebrator of Halloween, but I am a year round horror movie connoisseur. It is a known fact that some of the best horror movies come out in October. In addition to being a horror movie connoisseur, I am definitely a haunted house enthusiast as well. I would be that year round, if there were as many year round haunts. October is FULL of good haunts (Unfortunately this year I didn’t/haven’t gotten to go to one.). Bonfires, pumpkin patches, hayrides, are all great fun- and all pretty much centered around October.

This may or may not be more of an October appreciation post than a Halloween post- but that is OKAY.

I know this isn’t majorly transparent. I get that. I had some more transparent things originally planned to write, that were Halloween related, but they weren’t worth it. As I was writing them, I could feel my points being disproven right and left. Yes, they were opinions- and they still are my opinions- but they are nothing more than unjustified opinions and there is no reason to share all that. So in order to be a little more transparent- here are my answers to 50+ Halloween Questions by Margot Note at

1. What is your first memory of Halloween? Some church event at Warrior First Baptist with a Dum Dum lollipop tree.

2. What was your first Halloween costume? I’m not sure. the earliest one that I remember/ have evidence of was a Pumpkin in like Kindergarten.

3. What is your fondest Halloween memory? Third grade at Mountaintop with Jenna. My parents had made me a handmade Cheetah costume and my mom did stage makeup for me.

4. What is your favorite Halloween song? i don’t know- Timewarp?

5. How do you get into the Halloween spirit? I really don’t..

6. What are your favorite Halloween
decorations? Those cool cobweb things.

7. What is your favorite Halloween or fall scent? Pumpkin Spice because I am basic.

8. If you could have a spooky Halloween pet like
a black cat, what would you pick? an Owl.

9. What was your favorite Halloween costume? When I was a 50’s girl in 5th grade!

10. Your least favorite? unsure.

11. What Halloween traditions did you grow up
with? Actually like none. We used to go to Fright Fest every year though.

12. How was Halloween celebrated at school? At most of my schools it wasn’t really- but at Simmons Middle (where I went for 6th and 7th grade) the principal LOVED Halloween so we all dressed up and had an assembly and everything.

13. What kind of jack-o’-lanterns did you carve? I didn’t.

14. Did you ever bob for apples, attend bonfires,
or participate in other Halloween activities? All of the above! I even had bobbing for apples at a birthday party in 7th grade.

15. Have you ever visited a haunted attraction? OMG YES AND I LOVE THEM.

16. If so, what was your favorite? PHOBIUS

17. What was your favorite Halloween candy? Kit-Kats and popcorn balls

18. Your least favorite? Not chocolate candy

19. Who in your neighborhood had the best
treats? Idk man

20. Who had the worst? still idk

21. What Halloween tricks did you do as a child? ???

22. As an adult? ???

23. Did you ever participate in Mischief Night? ???

24. Was it called something else where you grew
up? ???

25. What kind of costume parties did you attend? I didn’t really.

26. How do you celebrate Halloween with your
children? lol I don’t have kids thank God.

27. What were your childrens’ favorite
costumes? still no kids thank God.

28. Their least favorite? See above.

29. Does your family have any scary stories? not that I know of

30. Does your family have any ghost stories? My mom has some but she would tell them better than I.

31. Have you seen a ghost? Nope!

32. Are you superstitious? sometimes..?

33. Is anyone in your family superstitious? I don’t really think so.

34. Do you believe in psychic abilities? Not really.

35. Does anyone in your family have any? lol no

36.Have you ever played with an Ouija board? ABSOLUTELY NOT

37. If so, what happened? NO

38.Have you ever played scary games like Bloody
Mary or Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board? Lol all the time at YMCA summer camp in elementary school tbh

39. What scared you as a child? actually everything.

40.What is your biggest fear? Lets not talk about that. but I hate wasps.

41. What was the scariest movie you ever saw? I’m not sure. Best Horror Movie is Sinister though.

42. What’s the creepiest book you ever read? idk man

43. The scariest story? idk

44. Who is your favorite horror monster? Does Mike Wazowski count?

45. What’s your scariest memory of Halloween? not sure.

46. What is your favorite horror movie? SINISTER

47. Your least favorite? every piece of crap excuse for a horror movie that has come out recently.

48. What’s the creepiest thing that ever
happened to you? Not sure.

49. To someone else? idk?

50. What urban legend scares you the most? none.

51. If you got trapped in one scary movie, which
would you choose? That is an interesting thought, but I am not sure at the moment.

52. If you were dared to spend the night in a
haunted house, would you do it? HECK YEAH!

53. What are you going to be for Halloween this
year? Nothing, but I might throw on some Mickey ears.

54. Trick or treat? both?



Tune in next week for what should be a real Transparent Tuesday!

Happy Halloween and don’t forget to get discounted candy tomorrow!!!!!

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