DCP Series-Ception: Roomies

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I am honestly running out of things to be transparent about. I thought I would have more, but I am just not there yet I guess. It took a lot of thinking to come up with something for today.


Transparent Tuesdays: Part 4 the Disney College Program

Back in Spring 2016, from January to May, I was a participant in the Disney College Program. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Kind of.

It was a very good experience. I learned lots in terms of life and customer service. I got a huge resume builder. I had lots of really good experiences, but also plenty of not so good experiences. I am not going to be able to put all of the DCP in one post, so we are going to split it up. This one will be DCP- Roommates. This will also give me more Transparent Tuesday topics.

I was roommates with 5 other girls in a 3 bedroom apartments in Patterson Court. 2 people to a bedroom/bathroom. We met in one of the Facebook groups, and we had all the right requirements to become roommates. We seemed like we would fit pretty well together at the time. For the sake of not using their names (cuz I really don’t wanna message them and ask for permission), we will call them AM, AB, AT, K, & C. I was in a room with AM, AB & C roomed together, and K & AT roomed together. At the beginning we all seemed to get along pretty okay. Today, the only one I still keep in touch with is C. I don’t really miss any of the others.

After a while, I really didn’t like directly rooming with AM. I felt that even though she had graduated college, she was still highly dependent on her parents- and that really pissed me off. I would hear her call her mom over the slightest things. It was as if she couldn’t make the decision of what to wear each day without first consulting her mother. I don’t know. I had high hopes for her and I being friends at the beginning, but she just didn’t fit the bill for someone that I would want to spend my time with.

AB and I were pretty similar and we got along pretty much all of the program. We would go shopping and get pretzels and bond over country music. The big hold up, I think, was that she and AM really hit it off and became best friends, so it was difficult to get as close to her when someone else already fit that bill.

AT and I were pretty neutral. She annoyed me sometimes because she had trouble understanding things sometimes and was a real party girl, but she for the most part was out late and kept to herself so I don’t have any issues left there. I am indifferent.

K- I had hoped that I would like her but as it turns out I didn’t. I believe wholeheartedly that she was the biggest snake in that apartment. I’m not sure why, but she just came off to me as a compulsive liar and quite possibly a thief (as we had a real theft problem and everything seemed to point to her).

C- the only one I still talk to. We pretty much bonded over our love of margaritas at Dockside Margs in Disney Springs. It seemed that AM, AB, and K all teamed up against her and were really out to get her at the end. Over all, I love this girl. Which is why I still talk to her. She will be a bridesmaid in my wedding one day. Was she always perfect? No. But if you didn’t screw her over, she didn’t screw you over. I’m down with that, since I am the same way.


Over all, the DCP would have been a much better experience had I had better roommates. I loved the work aspect of it, the parks were obviously great, there were good perks, literally everything except the living situation was pretty great.

If you ever consider doing the DCP, please choose your roommates and number of roommates carefully. They truly can make or break a program. Especially if you end up with pretty crap roommates (except AT and C) like I did, invest in your coworkers and make friends outside of your apartment. Go to the parks with these people. I wish I had gone to the parks and to parties more with my coworkers at Pop/Art. I went a few times, but I should have invested more time there. I feel I would have had a far better experience if I had invested more time in people outside of my apartment.



Anyway, that’s all for today’s- kinda short- Transparent Tuesday. Come back next week for more on the DCP.



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