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Firstly, If you have missed either of the last 2 week’s Transparent Tuesday: Part 4 or Transparent Tuesday: Part 5 , then go check them out and get caught up because this is SERIES-CEPTION. It is a DCP (Disney College Program)  topic series within the series Transparent Tuesdays. You have already missed DCP- Roomies and DCP- Roles-but don’t worry, I linked them so you don’t miss out on the fun.

This week, it is DCP- Applications.

Let me start off by saying, if you are thinking about applying for the Disney College Program, it is always a good idea and I hope at least some small part of this post helps you in that process. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about it.

Now that we got that out of the way, please be aware that I did my program back in Spring of 2016, so if I accidentally give any misinformation, I am sorry. The Disney Company is a rapidly advancing and changing company and sometimes it is hard to keep up, but I do my best to keep up with the current information in regards to the DCP.


-Okay. So side story.-

There is an episode of Glee where Kurt and Rachel find out that Julliard doesn’t have a musical theatre program, but the counselor introduces them to NYADA (New York Academy of Dramatic Arts), which is apparently like THE premier musical theatre program. The counselor tells them that there is some sort of a potential student meet & greet happening somewhere reasonably close and that they should visit. So Kurt and Rachel head to this meet & greet bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to dazzle all of the other potential NYADA students in attendance. I guess they had assumed that those future auditionees were in the same boat as they were- having just recently found out about NYADA and thinking that they would be the most talented ones there. So they show up, Rachel has her little boom box in hand ready to perform something she had prepared (Probably Don’t Rain on my Parade tbh). Literally the moment they walk through the door they are bombarded with questions from the over-confident and over-enthusiastic Harmony, and you can see other students hustling and bustling in the background. The short rundown of what Harmony says is that all of the students already in attendance had been meeting monthly since the start of their freshman year of high school. They then perform a song, that they had been rehearsing in their meet & greets, for Kurt and Rachel. It was kind of an eye opening moment for those two as it hit them that these people had been preparing for years. They seemed to know all their is to know about the school and yet Kurt and Rachel just found out about it a few days prior. I guess you could call Kurt and Rachel late to the party. (You can see the whole scene below)


Kurt and Rachel are pretty much the epitome of how I felt going into the DCP. 

I’m not sure if I mentioned in either of the other posts that I have actually gone through two application processes with the DCP. I applied for the first time during my first semester of college for the Spring 2014 program. I got accepted, but ended up deciding not to go. I honestly probably would’ve gone if I wasn’t just trying to spite my, HORRIBLE, roommate who really wanted me to go so she could have the room to herself. I was just that level of petty and chose not to go. My life honestly would be very different if I had gone during that semester. In some ways, a very good kind of different, in others I am happy I didn’t go. Honestly though, in most ways, I probably should’ve gone. The ways my life would’ve been positively affected greatly outnumber the negatives.

I applied a second time during my junior year of college for the Spring 2016 program. I got in and I went.

During both application processes, I literally just did the application and waited for the subsequent emails to come. It wasn’t until close to November of 2015 that I ended up in one of the DCP Spring 2016 Facebook groups.

These groups are chock full of potential members and they start getting created before the applications even open for that season. (Currently there is already a Fall 2018 group and the Spring 2018 apps literally closed like a month ago.) It is one of the ways that people get to know people and find potential roommates, as well as get their questions answered. People start joining these groups, some years before they actually intend on applying. If you intend on applying for the DCP- I highly suggest going ahead and getting into one of these groups. Usually alumni, like myself, will join to answer questions. There are also almost always current cps or cms in the groups answering questions with current information.

So, on to the DCP Application information:

Applications for Spring programs drop usually in/ around August sometime and will be open until mid October.

Applications for Fall program usually drop in/around January sometime and are open until mid March.

The application process is a semi-lengthy one with quite a few steps: Application->Web Based Interview->Phone Interview->Offer Extended->Acceptance.

In between each step you could be placed in Applied (formerly submission), or you will be No Longer in Consideration (NLiC). Applied basically means that they have received your application and you could move forward later on. NLiC means exactly what it says, you are no longer in consideration for the program.

Application: This application can (and probably should) take a while. You want to make sure you sound the best you can be, while still being honest and being yourself. It is going to ask you for a copy of your resume, and then still your work history, school history, etc. It is also going to ask you your program preferences. There are a few various options here: Disneyland (Anaheim, California) or Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida). Regular Program (Fall: August- January Spring: January -May) or Advantage Program (Fall: End of May to January Spring: January to Early August). You also get the option to rank the role options for the program. You rank them in terms of no interest, low interest, moderate interest, and high interest. When ranking the roles, for the best chances of getting in show interest in some of both the high volume and high need roles. Just remember, even if you put low interest, you have a pretty good chance at any role you show even the slightest interest in. From the moment you submit the application, you will either proceed on to the Web Based Interview (WBI), placed in Applied, or NLiCed.

WBI: Some people are moved on into WBI instantly while others spend some time in applied first. Moving on faster or slower doesn’t guarantee you a place in the DCP. The WBI is your first interview with the company and it should be taken seriously. It is an online questionnaire that takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Answer honestly. Some people really try to put keywords into their apps and WBI to ensure their progression- I stand behind an honest answer. I got accepted twice and never used keywords or buzzwords.

After you complete the WBI, again there are a few ways you could go. You could be instantly moved on to the Phone Interview (PI- but not to be confused with Professional Internship which is also a PI). You could be placed in Applied with the possibility of moving forward later. You could be NLiCed.

PI: Again, the speed with which move on does not necessarily mean that you will get accepted. I have seen people get instantaneously progressed through the entire process only to get NLiCed and people get pulled out of Applied at the last minute who get accepted. The PI is your second interview with the company and exactly what it says it is- a phone interview. You will speak with one of the recruiters and they will ask you about everything from why you want to do the DCP to the roles you ranked in your application to your skills and weaknesses. Again, there are people that use buzzwords during this too- but really, just be honest and be yourself. I’m sure the recruiters can tell when you are just throwing in buzzwords to sound good.

From the PI there are really only 2 outcomes: Applied and NLiC. Applied after the phone interview is good. It means that you didn’t ruin it and that you have a chance. NLiC means that after speaking on the phone, they no longer felt you were a good fit for the DCP.

Applied: You could’ve gotten here after any of the steps. Never fear, applied is still better than NLiC- though I guess some might disagree. Some people never get out of applied and then after all of the acceptance waves have gone out, they log in to find that they have been NLiCed. People do make it out of applied though and those people progress in the process on to the next step.

NLiC: It is true that many people who go through this process will end up in NLiC. There are something to the tune of 25,000 applicants each term, and only roughly 6,000 of them get accepted. Those aren’t very good odds. Certainly, if you end up NLiCed, try again. You’ll learn something from each application process. I know people that didn’t get in until their 3rd or 4th time trying.

Offer Extended/Acceptance: Happy Day! You are on your way to either the Happiest place on earth or the Most Magical. If I am going by statistics- I am going to assume Magical. You are going to have the time of your life, should you choose to accept. In order to except your offer, you have to pay the housing deposit/activity fees. I know for Orlando it is roughly $350 and for Anaheim it is far steeper (something like $850). You get like a week to decide and pay the fees. From there, the emails will guide you!

From there on out is when the excitement begins!

Stay tuned next week for DCP- Perks and Bucket Lists

(Also you can see https://jobs.disneycareers.com/disney-college-program for official information on the DCP.)


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