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Unscheduled Post (3)

Hey y’all!

I am finally getting around to my first unscheduled post!

In my line of work, I don’t often get to dress up- I don’t often get to look presentable at all. My daily wardrobe pretty much consists of tank tops/tshirts, jackets, Norts, and Chacos or Tevas (My Chacos were chewed up by a dog, so I am in Tevas for the time being.). I don’t often wear makeup to work. I, most days, don’t even brush my hair- just throw it up in a bun. So when I get the chance to dress up or look presentable, I like to show of my personal style the best I can for the occasion.

First things first, I will almost always wear a dress if it is an option to wear a dress. My go-to dresses are Lilly Pulitzer dresses, although they are more difficult to style in the colder weather.

If a Lilly dress is not an option- which is hardly ever the case, I tend to gravitate towards a solid colored dress in a darker more neutral color. You’ll usually find me in black, white, brown, maroon, navy, dark green, dulled purple, grey, etc. There is one main exception to these colors, certainly not the only exception, but certainly the most common one- solid pink. (This pink just so happens to be Lilly, in addition to solid.)


If I am not in a dress, the next place I will be is in a skirt most likely. I love maxi skirts. I branch out from solid maxi skirts to statement maxi skirts, from classy to boho, and everything in between.


If I am not in a skirt or dress, I am probably in leggings- at least during the fall/winter. I often skip the jean step, as leggings can look just as good- but are 100000x more comfortable. Pair them with a cute tunic or top and boots and I am ready to go!


The last thing you can pretty much always count on for me, as far as clothing goes, is that I will, when it is cool outside (like it is getting ready to be) will almost always have a scarf, vest, and/or a jacket at all times. I am all about versatility. I want layers- something that can be taken off if it gets warmer than expected.

A few other honorable mentions for my current wardrobe include:

  • Rompers
  • High/Mock Neck Shirts/Dresses
  • Criss-Cross Shirts/Dresses
  • High Waisted Shorts
  • Regular and Sleeveless cardigans
  • Flannel and denim button ups (usually tied around waist.)
  • Vests- jean, fleece, lace, etc.
  • Golf/Tennis/Athletic Skirts
  • Converse Chuck Taylors and/or High tops

Really my personal style is very variable and versatile from season to season. Most of my wardrobe is centered around summer fashions, although fall/winter fashions are actually my favorite. I have become accustomed to making my summer outfits transition into fall and on to cooler weather. Adding jackets, cardigans, leggings, scarves, etc. It certainly makes life a little easier in the indecisive weather that is the Midwest.


Stay tuned for more unscheduled posts as they may come!


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