Working Wednesdays: Part 2 October 25th

Welcome back to Working Wednesdays!

Last week in Part 1 I touched on the lifeguarding aspect of my career. I thought this week I might touch on the clerical and janitorial aspect of my career.

I career in aquatics is not all fun and games, though it is a lot of fun and a lot of games, it can’t be all that. A good chunk of my job is an office job in addition to the physical stuff. I deal with the cash box for the facility. I take care of making sure the numbers line up with the paperwork and getting the deposit ready for city hall. I also make sure the phone list is up to date/make necessary calls as needed. For the most part I take care of all the signage and forms for the facility. probably the most fun clerical duty is the planning and organization! From organizing swimming lessons and aqua classes, to planning events for the community. These are a chance to exercise my creativity and show off my more fun side. There certainly are not a lot of clerical duties in a facility this small, but they are a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the physical work.

Janitorial wise, during the off-season, a lot of the upkeep falls to me. I make sure the bathrooms are stocked and clean. I scrub the floors weekly, to ensure that staining and odors do not occur. It is also my responsibility to make sure the pool deck looks nice, so I have to keep up with sweeping and scrubbing, and also make sure that there is no algae growth- since it is so humid in an indoor facility.

These aspects of my career are not the typical thought when people think of someone that works at the pool. During the summer/ outdoor pool season, the clerical work increases, but the janitorial work decreases and gets dispersed among the influx of guards. (Which is a-okay because that is my least favorite part!) The off season is a much more interesting and calm time for us- which is why I have time to complete all of these duties myself, instead of paying someone else to do it.


Anyway, that’s all for this week’s Working Wednesday! See you tomorrow for Theological Thursday!

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