Working Wednesdays: Part 4 Nov. 8th

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Today’s post will branch away from what I do to what I am still getting used to.

I work full time in Aquatics with the color guard stuff on the side. My current aquatics job is my first actual full time job. I have had plenty of jobs where I have done 40 hour weeks, but never a “full time” job before this one. This one is a big girl job- full time M-F (during the outdoor pool season the M-F will change but that’s okay), benefits, paid holidays, sick and vacation days- the whole schabang.

This Friday is my first paid holiday. It is just unreal to me to think that I am going to sleep in, get up and sit on my couch and watch Netflix all day, AND GET PAID FOR IT. That is seriously so crazy for me to think about. Same thing with Thanksgiving, I am going home. I’m using comp time for the day before but both Thanksgiving day and the day after are PAID HOLIDAYS. It’s so great. I can’t imagine how it will feel when I cash in my first sick day or vacation day.

In addition to not being used to getting paid time off, I am really not used to having a full time Monday through Friday job. Yes, I know that will significantly change during the summer months but for like 9 months out of the year- a 5 day a week 8-5 is a pretty sweet deal.

When I was in college, one semester I worked at a flooring store and they were not open on the weekends, so that was similar for sure, but I was still working maybe 20 hour weeks at $9.50 an hour. Plus, of course, there were no benefits of any kind because, you know, part-time job.

I’ve read that I guess everyone is not a Monday-Friday 8-5 kind of person, but that baffles me. I couldn’t imagine choosing anything other. How could you not want to just put in your 40+ on 5 days of the week, and then have your nights and weekends to relax. The ability to leave work at work- for the most part- is wonderful.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. Aquatics is not a typical 8-5. It does require nights and weekends at times- especially for events and outdoor pool seasons. It requires physical work. However, over all, it does not require to put all of your time into it. yes, when I am at home, I do often fret over the chemicals at the pool and whether things are running as I would like them to, and I do have to go up to work at night to adjust things sometimes, but over all- especially during the winter months- I can leave my work at work .

The other thing about Aquatics is, it doesn’t seem like people really end up in Aquatics unless they either A) like what they are doing or B) see a real future in something Aquatics can be a stepping stone for. Aquatics can be a stepping stone for many recreational jobs from managing entire Rec facilities to entire Rec departments to teaching about Recreation. Nonetheless, people don’t often get here by mistake. Many of us, though we can/ do leave our work in the office, will continue to brainstorm and think of ways they can make their facility better- I know I do.

So anyway, working full time is a new concept to me. I’m kind of like a child in a candy shop with all of the benefits of getting to do this. I think my boss may have thought she hired a child with the amount of excitement that was shown when I found out that Friday is a paid holiday.

I feel like I could talk round and round in circles over these paid time off things, so I am going to wrap this up with one thing:

Do something you love.


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