Working Wednesdays: Part 5 Nov. 15th

Hi y’all!

Welcome back!

It may be about time for me to revamp my series posts. I am running out of topics for Tuesdays (after the DCP segments.) and Wednesdays. We shall revisit this soon, I guess.

Work work work…

Programming is one of my favorite parts of my job. It is where I get to be creative and produce great events for the facility and the community.

Some of my programming ideas and things to implement at the pool are:

  • Year round swim lesson program to begin at the first of the year.
  • Aqua Zumba or Aqua Dance Fitness class to begin at first of the year.
  • Underwater Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Flick and Float events.
  • Glow Night at the pool.

and those are just the beginning. I have a whole list that I am eager to explore as possibilities!

I already have the okay for the swim lessons, zumba, and egg hunt. I am in the process of getting those programs worked out and having so much fun doing so.


Anyway- short, sweet, and to the point- that’s all for this weeks Working Wednesdays!



See you later on Basically, Britain!

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