Working Wednesdays: Part 8 Dec. 6th

Welcome back to Working Wednesdays on Basically, Britain!

I have been running out of ‘working’ topics, but I have recently had a few more topics come to light.

Working Wednesdays- Resumes

My resume.

My resume is always a work in progress. I am always trying to make it as well written and well designed as possible. Currently I have 2 designs I use. They are Microsoft Word templates created by MOO (who will also create my future business cards). It is broken up into several categories, but is also only 2 pages.

The ideal resume employers tend to look for:

  • Maximum of 2 pages
  • Free of grammatical errors and/or slang
  • Too broad and/or vague-  be specific
  • Contains updated contact info
  • Includes a profile summary that is direct and active
  • Adapted to your target audience

Things to remember for your resume:

  • You are trying to sell yourself on paper to get an interview
  • Include your freelance and volunteer stuff too
  • Mention your duties/responsibilities, but emphasize your accomplishments
  • Be active in your descriptions of your responsibilities
  • Break things up into solid categories
  • Tailor your resume to the job(s) you are applying for

My resume is a little less formal, as my field is a little less formal- recreation. It is broken up into several categories: Contact info, profile summary, aquatics experience, other work experience, skills, licenses and certifications, and education. It essentially has 2 columns per page- one large and one small. The large column contains the aquatics experience, other work experience, and education. The other categories are in a smaller column on the side.

Contact info: email, phone, LinkedIn profile link, etc.

Profile summary (and this is my actual profile summary.): “Safety oriented, creative, and a natural born leader. Experience in a variety of fields. Completed an internship with The Walt Disney Company as a Lifeguard. Hold all 3 major lifeguarding certifications- Ellis and Associates, Red Cross, and StarGuard. Currently in her 4th year working in the field of aquatics. Very organized and puts a focus on employee morale and customer service.”

Aquatics Experience: This category is the same thing as ‘Relevant Work Experience’. I have all of my lifeguarding and aquatic management jobs here.

Other Work Experience: This has all of my work history that is not directly related to Aquatics. Basically, anything that could show your dependability and work ethic. I have 5 years of working at Steak ‘n Shake on there. It was my first job so 5 years looks really good.

Skills: Everything from customer service, people skills, leadership skills, any practical or technical training that you may have, etc.

Licenses and Certifications: I have all of my lifeguard licenses/certifications here. I would also list things like CPO (Certified Pool Operator), Swim Instructor certifications, any fitness instructor certifications, SERVsafe, etc.

Education: Pretty self explanatory- High school, College, Trade School, any other continuing education, etc.


In addition to a good resume, a good cover letter is vital. I like to think I have a great cover letter:

To Whom it May Concern,
I am writing to express my strong interest in the [[POSITION
TITLE]] position vacancy. With my experience working in
Aquatics, I feel I could be a productive addition to your team.
Some of the highlights of my qualifying traits and
accomplishments are:
 3 years working at the -City Omitted- Rec-Plex as a Head
 Participant in the Disney College Program at The Walt
Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.
 Pool Manager at -Company Omitted- for the
-City Omitted- Aquatic Center.
 Aquatics Manager for -City Omitted-.
As a strong leader, organized personality, and creative force; I
am prepared to play a crucial role and take initiative in
customer service and recreation operations. I am team-oriented
and ready to work with others and individually to achieve any
and all goals set forth by the [[INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME
I have attached my resume for further viewing. I look forward to
the opportunity to discuss this position with you in further detail.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


Obviously I omitted some stuff, but it is literally a form letter. I insert the name of the company/city/position/names that are relevant to wherever I am sending it.


If you like what you read and/or want some help with your resume/cover letter, do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll see what I can do to help out. I really enjoy working with resumes!


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